Finding a Kali Teacher

Mission Impossible 3 Eskrima

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You might want to read this first (or not): How I Got Into Filipino Martial Arts

Finding a Kali teacher is no easy feat!

Around February 2013, I was researching where I could possibly learn Filipino Martial Arts. I found out that my choices are infinite! There are a ton of gyms/schools/teachers offering many different FMA styles/systems. I thought this pursuit is getting more and more confusing yet very interesting.

Anyway, I contacted a handful of prospective teachers; many of them were quite unresponsive or snob for some reason. Others sounded promising yet too far from my place or were expensive. I wasn’t making excuses, I swear! Plus, I’m pretty choosy when it comes to getting a trainer/teacher because I had a few disappointing experiences with my previous trainers (in boxing and Muay Thai). At one point, I wanted to ask myself, “Is it me?” Haha. I guess like most things, finding a teacher requires trial and error.

Then one day I saw from The Fit Pinoy website that FIST Gym offers FMA. So I called them up to inquire. After hanging up the phone, I said to myself, “It’s affordable and accessible but the schedule is too early (for me) at 10 am.” But definitely better than 9 am (another gym’s FMA schedule). Nothing happened until 2 months later when I saw Combat Kali Manila’s post on CouchSurfing Quezon City’s Facebook group page. I added him on Facebook and he then informed me of the Kali class details and answered all my questions promptly. Great!

A week or two after, I decided to give Combat Kali Manila’s class a go. Like any firsts, I was a tad nervous to attend but I’m more curious than nervous so I said this is a do-or-die-now-or-never situation. Good thing I found the balls to show up because it was truly an awesome experience! I like Guro Jeric Pantaleon’s modern and practical approach to teaching. He’s also very patient though I’m not the easiest student to teach. Then I found out he also teaches Muay Thai. Double awesome!

Fast forward to now, I’m still training FMA (and Muay Thai occasionally) with him. I don’t think I’ll ever stop. Though, in the future, I might try or learn from other teacher/s, I will forever be grateful to this mentor who first believed in me. And I’ll be his lifelong student, that’s for sure. Thank you and much pugay (respect), master Jeric! 🙂

If you guys are interested in Kali, I highly recommend him, not only because he’s my teacher but because he’s really great! He’s available for seminars, group and private training. Contact him through Facebook or phone him at 0917 9349268; tell him I sent you. 😀


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