Workout Wednesday: Muay Thai

Muay Thai Batman and Robin

I finally did Muay Thai training today after being on hiatus for awhile. And I was reminded again, right on the first roundhouse, why I love it.

It’s fat-burning – I was like butter on a hot pan. I was sizzling. Sweat galore! Ok, gross. You get the idea.

It’s intense – Powerful punches, kicks, elbow and knee strikes. Heart-racing combinations and techniques. True-to-life sparring. Brutal conditioning. What’s not to love? 😉

It’s anti-stress – Pressured at work? Stressed about love life (or the lack thereof)? Bad mood for unknown reasons? Muay Thai just might be the solution. Feel my rage! Here’s a superman punch and then some.

Adrenaline rush – Adrenaline protects you from various kinds of trauma/stress/attack. Thus, it numbs the pain and boosts your energy when practicing Muay Thai. I can’t 100% say that I’m an adrenaline junkie. But I love getting the high every now and then.

Of course, it goes without saying that Muay Thai will make you strong, fit/toned and feel bad-ass.

I hope to do this more often. Doing this in combination with Kali, I’ll soon be apocalypse-ready (zombie or otherwise). 😛


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