Kali Street Training a la Combat Kali Manila

Imagine this scenario: Gym still closed. Key holder is nowhere to be found. Excited Kali practitioners. It’s supposed to be frustrating, right? But no. We’re cool like that. And we love seeing the good in the bad. So for this one, instead of wasting time sulking and staring at each other, we saw a perfect opportunity to do Kali street training. Woohoo! 😀

Thanks to the building’s spacious and gritty parking lot, it somehow emulates a dangerous street. No matted floors, only dirt, pebbles and possible improvised weapons lying around. Yay, we instantly found an ideal spot to test our Filipino Martial Arts skills. And train we did even for just close to an hour, as the gym finally opened.

I think it’s going to be a semi-regular thing, which is good because it spices up a bit our Kali training–not that it’s mild or boring. Kali is street-based anyway.

Here’s a glimpse of our stint as street fighters:

Check out this video to take a peek at our FMA street training:

I personally don’t mind al fresco training every now and then because aside from having a change in scenery, a good dose of vitamin D from the sun and fresh air (the essentials, haha!), it gives us an overview of what it’s like fighting on the streets. Plus, it’s more challenging, which is awesome! I’m also usually more pumped up yet more careful at the same time when we’re doing Kali street training. Because one wrong move, boom! hello solid ground! 😛

Photos and video credit: Guro Jeric Pantaleon


2 thoughts on “Kali Street Training a la Combat Kali Manila

  1. Very cool! I wish we had more space outside of our school for when we’re waiting to get in.

  2. Thanks! We’re just quite lucky our gym has an open-air parking lot, and there were very few cars parked at the time.

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