Carbo-Cardio Combo

Bad mood
You know that annoying feeling when you’re not in the mood for no apparent reason? I hate that feeling! Fortunately, I have an all-inclusive, go-to solution to it: Working out (the harder, the better). So when I was a bit out sorts a few days ago, I knew what I had to. It’s carbo-cardio loading time!

I fueled up on carbohydrates, both the good and the bad kind: white rice (Que horror!) plus lots of vegetables. Then after an hour’s rest, I got ready to burn and flush out calories, toxins, including negative vibes. Here’s what my cardio menu looked like for that day:

15 min freestyle dancing to my 9-year-old niece’s pop music playlist (What can I say, her song choices are catchy and danceable! Ah, guilty pleasure! Hahaha!)
5-7 min jogging in place
5 min static stretching
2 min jump rope
10 min various calisthenics
8 min Cardio Fight Club HIIT by Skimble (very cool work out/trainer mobile app, by the way)
5-7 min cool down stretching

That felt reaaaally good afterwards. Happy hormones overload! So if you’re sad or mad, just get your ass off the couch and work out. You’ll instantly feel better. 😉 Besides, cardio is the #1 rule in Zombieland. 😛

And you should exercise regularly, anyway—bad mood or not! 😀


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