Filipino Martial Arts Weapon: Doug Marcaida’s The DART Knife

One of my idols in Filipino Martial Arts, Doug Marcaida now designs edged weapons for FOX Knives Italy. The video below is part of what he calls the DARK (Direct Action Response Knives) series.

Can I just say, Yum?! The DART knife is so sexy cool. I like that it has a ring feature found in karambits. And it’s a straight blade not curved. It can also be used as an impact weapon when closed. Awesome! Watch below.

“A knife is only as good as its availability in the time of need.” – Doug Marcaida

UPDATE as of February 20, 2014:

The DART knife will be available on But looks like we have to wait a bit.

As per Kuya Doug himself…

DART update

UPDATE as of March 8, 2014:

When is the DART knife by Doug Marcaida going to be available? According to Kuya Doug, sometime June 2014. #Suspense

March 8 update Dart Knife

UPDATE as of April 1, 2014:

The DART Knife Update April 1

UPDATE as of August 15, 2014:

And the anticipation continues…

Watch this space and or subscribe to this blog, as I’ll definitely announce as soon as the DART knife goes on sale.

UPDATE as of October 7, 2014:

OMG, the DART Knife by Doug Marcaida has arrived!

Click me to ORDER the DART Knife and or get more information.

You first found out about it here! Yes, you’re welcome! Cheers! 😉


14 thoughts on “Filipino Martial Arts Weapon: Doug Marcaida’s The DART Knife

  1. O man…. the sleeve draw is too good…

  2. A beautifully constructed blade/ knife. 2+1/2″ blade keeps it legal in this province. Osu. Im very impressed.

  3. Hi Mr. Marcaida, The DART knife looks great! Don’t give up on its creation…despite the legal and design issues! Ignore the negative energy of naysayers and pessimists. I’m looking forward to purchasing the DART knife when it comes out! =)

    With deep respect,
    Richard M. Low

  4. Pls keep me posted on the Fox Dart release date.
    Best Regards

  5. THANK YOU BLADE APPRENTICE! I’ve been following your blog and just so happened to check back TODAY on a random whim. Got my pre-order in!

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