Filipino Martial Arts Skills: When Should You Use Kali?

Being a newbie in the art of Kali, I still have a lot to learn. But as early as now, I’m trying to prepare myself if and when the time comes I need to use my Filipino Martial Arts skills. I promise I’ll only do when absolutely necessary. Below are my suggested non-negotiables:

Hostage, rape/sexual assault, domestic violence
If you need to defend yourself or others against those bastards, by all means use your Kali, Kung Fu or whatever martial arts you know.

Don't Fuck With Us
Strike where it hurts the most? Hmmm. It depends on your personal preference or your level of rage at the time. Do you want to finish him/her/them off quickly? Relax. Maybe you want to torment him first and let him suffer a slow and agonizing death? What about hurt him badly and allow him to live a long, worthless life? Decisions. Decisions. Sorry, I got carried away! I just abhor these kinds of abuse.

World War III
Peace and order no more. War is on the rise. Lack of military force. Your country requires your help to protect your nation. And you can’t say “No.”

The Avengers

Looks like you need to step up. Get ready. It’s time to be a hero. Cape and spandex suit optional.

Zombie apocalypse
Oh God forbid, no! Zombies eating your brain? No fuckin* way! Chopping their heads off with a machete? Hell, yeah!


While I’m fascinated by those undead creatures, I can’t stand them either. Let me rephrase! I’m disgusted of them. That’s why I stopped watching The Walking Dead. Still I won’t think twice to aim for their heads if the need arises. Or maybe try these creative ways to kill a zombie.

Alien invasion
This might be a little tricky, as pop culture has portrayed aliens in many different ways, shapes and sizes.

Alien vs Jason

Maybe if they’re just like Roger of American Dad or Stitch of Lilo and Stitch then we’re all good. However, those otherworldly beings might even possess superpowers that clearly we, humans, don’t. Then in that case, I’ll probably die trying to hit them with my Kali sticks or something.

Hunger Games
The government suddenly got bored or ran out of problems to solve (like that would ever happen), and decided to spice things up a bit by holding a Hunger Games event.

Hunger Games

I would definitely volunteer to replace my little sister or brother. Fortunately, I don’t have one. Hahaha. But if it comes down to that, I’d have to use whatever Kali techniques I know. I’m sure FMA practitioners will have an edge in edged weapons fighting (Yeah, I love puns!). Kill or be killed!

Those are the instances I think it’s all right to use Filipino Martial Arts against someone or something. If you have other suggestions, please be sure to tell me in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “Filipino Martial Arts Skills: When Should You Use Kali?

  1. This is funny, but yeah, I’d love to chop a bad guy’s head off. Haha! I once heard someone say that learning FMA is like getting insurance. You wish you won’t need to use it but when circumstances call for it, you’re ready.

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