Bruise Lee, Bruise Almighty and Other Puns

Show me all your bruises

Eskrima practitioners and most other martial artists are prone to bruises. I’m quite used to wearing a blotch or two (more during wilder sessions) here and there.

And just recently, while training in Balintawak Eskrima, which is very new to me, I got these awful bruises on my forearm. I usually just apply ice every few hours to lessen the discoloration. But this time I wanted them to be gone as soon as possible. Because another training day is coming and I might get brand new bruise embellishments again on top of what I already have.

So, I browsed for bruise home remedies online. Look what I’ve found after Googling “heal bruises faster.”

Leech for bruises

Blood-sucking leeches?! Thanks but no, thanks. I’ll just stick with ice therapy. Give me fat-sucking leeches and we may have a deal!

Anyway, I’ve come to embrace that this is part of the lifestyle I’ve chosen. It’s just a tiny sacrifice I need to make to learn Filipino Martial Arts. I guess as long as I don’t get sprains and other more serious accidents, I’m all good. Oops, you know what? Scratch that. Nothing and no one is gonna stop me from practicing Kali. At least that’s how I see it in the next few years.

Yeah Loki

How about you, do you also sometimes get a bit frustrated when you get bruises? Do you get them at all? Cure tips? Bruise puns? Be sure to share in the comments below. 😀


2 thoughts on “Bruise Lee, Bruise Almighty and Other Puns

  1. Why try to get them to heal faster? That’s how you know you had FUN training!

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