Fun Balintawak Eskrima Training

I just started training in Applied Eskrima (Balintawak style of Kali). Quite frankly, I wasn’t enthusiastic about it because it didn’t seem interesting to me initially. But since opportunity to learn it came, I grabbed it. Besides, I’m all up for anything that will enrich my knowledge about Filipino martial arts.

It’s starting to grow on me after a few training sessions. I find this style cunningly simple but lethal and straightforward, which is great. Sure, it’s not as dance-y and graceful-looking as other styles, yet it gets the job done fast.

Silver Linings Playbook dance

It’s just like dancing—only deadlier.

Stopping or neutralizing the opponent quickly is what truly matters in the end anyway—at least in the self-defense and or combat perspective.

We’re still in the getting to know, awkward kind of phase. And I’m excited of the things I’ve yet to discover about Balintawak Eskrima and Filipino martial arts overall.

Oh, here’s a short video of me and my Combat Kali Manila teammates training in Balintawak and having loads of fun!


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