Kali Training: Expectations Vs. Reality

Expectation Vs. Reality #1: Fight like Jason Bourne
The Bourne Identity

Action star wannabes perhaps want to learn Kali to fight like Jason Bourne. Sure, why not? I’m guilty of this, too. But remember, while The Bourne Identity was based on Filipino martial arts, the fight scenes there were choreographed. Real life scenarios are different. And he’s a fictional character! While you may not become as badass as Jason Bourne, you can be a great Filipino martial artist through many years of regular training and hard work. You’ll learn many practical techniques and become a good fighter.

Expectation Vs. Reality #2: Bruises and body pains
No pain

Yes. But… No pain, no gain. Sorry, I had to use that cliché. You may get a few bruises and experience body pains, but hey, they are manageable and usually get lesser/easier in time. Nothing RICE therapy and pain killers can’t cure.

Expectation Vs. Reality #3: Fun
Super Fun The Rock

NOT fun. It’s SUPER fun! If you enjoy learning new things every training day, then you’ll find FMA uber fun. Besides, what’s the point of pursuing sports or activity if you’re not having a great time, right?

Expectation Vs. Reality #4: Purely stick fighting
Cat stickfighting

Nope. Arnis goes beyond the sticks. You’ll learn to fight with impact, bladed and improvised weapons, plus empty hand fighting (mano-mano).

Expectation Vs. Reality #5: Body contact
Personal space Lilo & Stitch

True. But techniques can be modified if you’re conscious about your personal space/bubble being invaded or popped. If you’re a female and uncomfortable with getting too close to a male partner, then get a female partner or just tell your teacher straight away that you’re not comfy doing the technique. Remember though that many techniques require close contact (CQB).

Expectation Vs. Reality #6: Camaraderie
Friendship High Five

True. Being part of team, it’s somewhat inevitable to gain friends. This is an assurance coming from an introverted person. Besides, Kali is already your common ground. You’ve got heaps of awesome techniques/concepts to talk about and drills to learn together. Interacting and mingling is expected. Thus, building connections and even potential lifelong friendships is a pleasant consequence of training in Kali.


2 thoughts on “Kali Training: Expectations Vs. Reality

  1. My favorite point is number 3. Thanks for this post 🙂

  2. I agree with thedeadlydance: thanks for emphasizing the fun of FMA!

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