Tim Waid Seminar 2014 in Singapore

I’ve been waiting for ages for a Filipino martial arts seminar like this, particularly by Tuhon Tim Waid. I’m such a big fan! I don’t care that Grand Tuhon Supremo Leo Gaje, Jr. “expelled” or “disowned” him. That’s a totally different (and sensitive and controversial) story to tackle.

Anyway, if time (got a lot so far) and budget (got minimal) permit, I’d definitely fly over to Singapore to join his seminar. Shout out to the Universe to give me more projects to work on so I can fund this dream-come-true trip. Really soon hopefully because the slots are limited!

Meanwhile, here’s a video of Tuhon Tim Waid doing a demonstration of some advanced knife defense tactics:

UPDATE as of July 16, 2014:

Fortunately, I didn’t attend this knife tactics seminar. It turns out, Tuhon Tim Waid didn’t make it to the seminar due to an emergency. I’m sure the proxy instructor did well. But if I were one of the participants who’s flown all the way from the Philippines just to see Tuhon Tim Waid in action–and learn from him, I’d be very devastated about this news. #JustSaying


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