Filipino Martial Arts Seminar in Manila: Master Virgil Cavada of Applied Eskrima (Balintawak Style)

Applied Eskrima Global

My Combat Kali Manila teammates and I had been extremely excited for Master Virgil Cavada’s 2-day Filipino martial arts seminar. Master Virgil, or Master V as he is fondly called by most, is my teacher’s Balintawak Eskrima teacher. He’s part of our lineage that traces all the way back to Grandmasters Crispulo Atillo and Venancio “Anciong” Bacon.

So the big day came! Time to meet and learn from a renowned Filipino martial arts master, who travels across the globe to teach his system, Applied Eskrima. And whose first student is Dan Inosanto. Oh my God, I can’t get over it. I’m still on a high until now.

Some photos during Master Virgil Cavada’s seminar last weekend:

A glimpse of Master V’s Balintawak Eskrima seminar:

To sum up the seminar, I’ll share some insights (no specific techniques, sorry!) I learned from Master V:

On health and fitness – Throughout the seminar, Master V reiterated the importance of being physically fit. He specifically mentioned we should improve our core strength, as it’s key for faster twisting during defense. Also, he encourages cross-training for cardio health and to become a well-rounded practitioner. Lastly, stretching after training or workout! I’m 100% sure he walks the talk because at his age, he truly embodies wellness and strength.

On training and techniques – Master the basics. Proper way of defending. Proper form. Footwork is very important; many people tend to ignore this. Improve your reflexes to improve your techniques. In Filipino martial arts, speed, distance and timing beats strength/power. Just like how David defeated Goliath. Train hard and never stop learning.

On fights and confrontations – Don’t be cocky regardless of your martial arts knowledge. Always assume that the opponent is armed, skilled and has friends with him/her. As such, you want to resolve or finish the conflict as soon as possible. Apply efficient moves and overwhelm the opponent. Get ready to deal with his/her friends, too! And… RUN when you’re not being held up. My bad, I “fought back” in one of the drills as if I have a chance of ever beating him. #LOL

Maybe we already know most of these insights by heart. But it’s always good to be reminded of such crucial things now and then. Thanks, Master Virgil!

Master V is truly an admirable, inspiring Eskrima teacher. He’s humble, full of wisdom and soft spoken, too. But you wouldn’t wanna make this man angry! I assure you, you’d regret it. Why don’t you just learn from him instead? Here’s his website to get in touch with him: Applied Eskrima.

Oh of course, I feel proud of and happy for my Filipino martial arts teacher, teammate and friend, coach Jeric for passing his 8-hour grueling instructor certification test with Master V. Congratulations, Master J! Now, teach me everything you know! 😛

Master Virgil Cavada and Coach Jeric Pantaleon

If you guys want to learn Balintawak Eskrima in Metro Manila, you may contact Guro Jeric Pantaleon at 0917 9349268 for private or group training and seminars. He’s the official representative of Applied Eskrima Global in Manila, Philippines.

Thanks for reading! Questions or comments are welcome below. 🙂


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