My First Karambit Training Knife

Karambit Training Knife

Karambit training knife

Just a quick post to show you my first ever (maybe the last) karambit training knife. I got this ravishing red karambit or kerambit from Master Virgil Cavada’s Applied Eskrima (Balintawak style) training last weekend. It’s made from stainless steel (at least, I think) and it’s lightweight. Cheap also at Php500 or around $12.

Sure, it’s not Doug Marcaida’s DART Knife, but I’m cool with that. This karambit training knife is conveniently placed beside my laptop and mouse. I flip it around in between working in front of my computer. I have other weapons (training and live) strategically located in my room. I’ll perhaps talk about them later.

Hailed from Indonesia, the karambit is arguably the deadliest knife in the whole wide world:

Speaking of Master Virgil Cavada, I’ll blog about his recently concluded Filipino martial arts seminar in Manila very soon. Stay tuned! Subscribe to my blog to keep posted. Here’s that post: Filipino Martial Arts Seminar in Manila: Master Virgil Cavada of Applied Eskrima (Balintawak Style).



5 thoughts on “My First Karambit Training Knife

  1. I love the color!

  2. I have used rubber training knives for my training. No doubt this karambit knife looks compact due to its small size. But I am more comfortable using rubber knives rather than directly using blade knives.

  3. fia, because of your karambit posts, i bought a karambit trainer yesterday. will use it for the first time tomorrow 🙂

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