Filipino Martial Arts: Balintawak Eskrima 3-Day Training (January 2015)

Applied Eskrima HQ Cebu

While everyone was catching Pope Francis fever, and others were partying at the Sinulog Festival, some of my Applied Eskrima teammates and I were learning the foundation of AE system. We flew in all the way from Manila to Cebu, where AE Headquarters is located, to get a 3-day intensive Filipino martial arts (Balintawak Eskrima) training with Master Virgil Cavada.

I’ve been wanting to join a martial arts training camp for the longest time now. I think this was a close enough experience because even in just a short period of time, I’d taken home a lot of new and practical FMA tips and techniques. It was definitely an enriching yet fun-filled TRAIN-EAT-SLEEP experience that I will forever cherish.

Apart from the Balintawak Eskrima skills I’ve learned, I’ve also gained loads of insight about life just by listening to Master V’s and Miss D’s stories and advice. That’s why I’m really grateful for them—for their wisdom, generosity, hospitality and overall awesomeness!

The highlight of our trip was definitely the final day. We went to a nearby beach to train some more and enjoy, of course. There was eating, dancing, kayaking, videoke singing, swimming and cam-whoring! Good, clean fun—just the way I like it.

FMA Beach Training

I thought that was the climax of the story. Boy, I was oh so wrong. On our way to the airport for our Manila-bound flight, Master V surprised us with a detour to the Doce Pares Eskrima HQ to meet Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy Cañete, the last living member of the Doce Pares group. If you’re an FMA practitioner, you know this is huge!!! I ticked off an important item from my bucket list that day.

With SGM Cacoy Cañete

With SGM Cacoy Cañete

Pugay and happy training! Leave me a comment if you will! 😉


3 thoughts on “Filipino Martial Arts: Balintawak Eskrima 3-Day Training (January 2015)

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  2. Felicidades y una gran experiencia uno de mis sueños es viajar a a Filipinas . Un saludo desde México Applied Eskrima México

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