Balintawak Eskrima Certification Test Under Applied Eskrima Global

Blade Apprentice AEG Module 1 Balintawak Eskrima Certification Test (Practical)

Blade Apprentice AEG Module 1 Balintawak Eskrima Certification Test (Practical)

The most dreaded day came. The moment of truth. The Judgment day. During our recent Eat, Sleep, Train FMA: Balintawak Eskrima Training in Cebu, two of my teammates and I took our Module 1 Balintawak Eskrima Certification tests under Applied Eskrima Global. The AEG comprehensive exam consists of three parts: written, verbal and practical.

Module 1 is the foundation of AE system and is no joking matter—by no means easy to master. It has a total of 26 lessons (A to Z) and with each lesson having at least 3-14 sub parts.


Applied Eskrima Module 1 Lessons A-Z DVDs

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Filipino Martial Arts Seminar in Manila: Master Virgil Cavada of Applied Eskrima (Balintawak Style)

Applied Eskrima Global

My Combat Kali Manila teammates and I had been extremely excited for Master Virgil Cavada’s 2-day Filipino martial arts seminar. Master Virgil, or Master V as he is fondly called by most, is my teacher’s Balintawak Eskrima teacher. He’s part of our lineage that traces all the way back to Grandmasters Crispulo Atillo and Venancio “Anciong” Bacon.

So the big day came! Time to meet and learn from a renowned Filipino martial arts master, who travels across the globe to teach his system, Applied Eskrima. And whose first student is Dan Inosanto. Oh my God, I can’t get over it. I’m still on a high until now.

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Balintawak Eskrima: Street Training and Stick Sparring with Combat Kali Manila

Combat Kali Manila Balintawak Street Training

Tired but happy. Goofy but deadly.

Another fun-filled Filipino martial arts (Balintawak Eskrima) street training with my amazing teammates at Combat Kali Manila. It’s summer time here in the Philippines but we didn’t mind the scorching heat and humidity–not to mention the dust, dirt and uneven ground. Watch the video below; choose HD quality:

Outdoor training is always refreshing, very much different from the four corners and matted floors of the gym we’re used to. Hopefully, we’d be able to train on a pristine beach someday. That’d be lovely!

How about you, what’s your Kali training situation like? Do you train indoors or outdoors? Cheers and happy training! 😉

Fun Balintawak Eskrima Training

I just started training in Applied Eskrima (Balintawak style of Kali). Quite frankly, I wasn’t enthusiastic about it because it didn’t seem interesting to me initially. But since opportunity to learn it came, I grabbed it. Besides, I’m all up for anything that will enrich my knowledge about Filipino martial arts.

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Finding a Kali Teacher

Mission Impossible 3 Eskrima

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You might want to read this first (or not): How I Got Into Filipino Martial Arts

Finding a Kali teacher is no easy feat!

Around February 2013, I was researching where I could possibly learn Filipino Martial Arts. I found out that my choices are infinite! There are a ton of gyms/schools/teachers offering many different FMA styles/systems. I thought this pursuit is getting more and more confusing yet very interesting.

Anyway, I contacted a handful of prospective teachers; many of them were quite unresponsive or snob for some reason. Others sounded promising yet too far from my place or were expensive. I wasn’t making excuses, I swear! Plus, I’m pretty choosy when it comes to getting a trainer/teacher because I had a few disappointing experiences with my previous trainers (in boxing and Muay Thai). At one point, I wanted to ask myself, “Is it me?” Haha. I guess like most things, finding a teacher requires trial and error.

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