On Doing Push-Ups: Push it, Push it Some More

Push up Tina Fey


Looking back at my life when I was still a certified couch potato, I’m definitely much stronger now. And though I’m physically active, I’m still not strong enough to do regular push-ups properly and struggle-free. It’s really aggravating. Grrrr!

But this Girl Does Push-ups For 100 Days video below is very inspiring. She’s incredible! Makes me want to also do a 100-day push-up challenge:

Oh, push-up, why are you so mahirap (tough)?! If she can do it, I can, too! Bye now.


Carbo-Cardio Combo

Bad mood
You know that annoying feeling when you’re not in the mood for no apparent reason? I hate that feeling! Fortunately, I have an all-inclusive, go-to solution to it: Working out (the harder, the better). So when I was a bit out sorts a few days ago, I knew what I had to. It’s carbo-cardio loading time!

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Top 5 Benefits of Kali aka Why I Love Filipino Martial Arts

Gatorade Propel Arnis

Photo grabbed from Photobucket user Ben Padero

If you’ve read my previous posts, I’m sure you already know by now how much I love Kali. If not, then let me emphasize further. Below are my top 5 benefits of Kali or why I love Filipino Martial Arts.

1. Great self-defense

Self defense


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