Training Martial Arts on the Road: Tips for Frequent Travelers


I love traveling solo. And one of my biggest dilemmas when I travel for more than a week, is having no one to train with. I need and want to train at least once a week. It drives me nuts sometimes when I don’t.

In Filipino martial arts, it’s important to have a training partner so you can practice drills and techniques more effectively. Usually, one acts as a feeder (teacher role) and the other, a receiver (student role). That’s why I find it difficult when I have to be away from my teacher and teammates for a long time.

So what does Eskrimadora the explorer (Hint hint: me!) do when she’s got no one to train with? Suck it up and practice solo! It’s surely not as fun as training with a partner. Often, it’s boring AF. But these blah things like solo training are essential to progress further—whether or not you’re a frequent traveler.

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Arnis, Kali, Eskrima: Love @ 1st Strike

It’s amazing how fast time flies when you’re enjoying! I can’t believe it’s already been a year (1 year and 1 month to be exact) since I first held my Eskrima sticks and got introduced to Filipino martial arts. It was love at first strike. Cheesy but true, nonetheless.

I’m sure I’ve improved immensely since then. Though, I still shriek and panic at times. And I still have a million things to learn! For now, let me share a few things I’ve gained/discovered/learned so far in my 1st anniversary as a Kali practitioner (soon-to-be super spy and zombie assassin):

Patience – I mentioned the importance of being patient in my previous blog post, How to Have an Effective and Enjoyable Filipino Martial Arts Training. I have a confession to make. I used to be impatient and bratty when I don’t get the lesson right away. I still regress sometimes. But I’m doing my best to not lose my cool over a specific technique. Bear with me, people!


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Arnis, Kali, Eskrima Training Tips: How to Have an Effective and Enjoyable Filipino Martial Arts Training

Short answer: Train hard, play hard. For the long answer, check out my Arnis, Kali, Eskrima training tips below:

Be patient

Slow progress is progress

Learning takes time. People progress differently. Some adapt quickly while others take quite a while. It doesn’t matter what your learning pace is, as long as you’re not giving up. That being said, never compare yourself to others. Don’t be frustrated when you don’t get the techniques right away or as fluidly as you’d hoped. You can always try again, which leads me to…

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Bruise Lee, Bruise Almighty and Other Puns

Show me all your bruises

Eskrima practitioners and most other martial artists are prone to bruises. I’m quite used to wearing a blotch or two (more during wilder sessions) here and there.

And just recently, while training in Balintawak Eskrima, which is very new to me, I got these awful bruises on my forearm. I usually just apply ice every few hours to lessen the discoloration. But this time I wanted them to be gone as soon as possible. Because another training day is coming and I might get brand new bruise embellishments again on top of what I already have.

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Date A Girl Who Trains In Martial Arts

You guys may have already read a few articles that start with “Date a girl who” or similar. I truly enjoyed reading most of them. So now, I’ll shamelessly join the bandwagon and write my own version. Here are my 5 reasons why you should date a girl who trains in martial arts:

1. She can protect herself

Kick ass at work

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Eskrima Plus MMA = Stickfighting World

Eskrima stick fighting plus other martial arts? Why not? If UFC has the cage or octagon ring, the Stickfighting World has The Tank.

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Filipino Martial Arts Skills: When Should You Use Kali?

Being a newbie in the art of Kali, I still have a lot to learn. But as early as now, I’m trying to prepare myself if and when the time comes I need to use my Filipino Martial Arts skills. I promise I’ll only do when absolutely necessary. Below are my suggested non-negotiables:

Hostage, rape/sexual assault, domestic violence
If you need to defend yourself or others against those bastards, by all means use your Kali, Kung Fu or whatever martial arts you know.

Don't Fuck With Us
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Filipino Martial Arts as a Great Self-Defense Tool

Hit Girl and Kick-Ass

Photo credit:

I’ve previously discussed the many wonderful benefits of Kali. Now, I want to elaborate why it’s a great self-defense tool. I know many people study martial arts to protect themselves and their loved ones. If you haven’t found the right discipline to learn, then perhaps you might want to consider Filipino Martial Arts. Here are my top 3 reasons why it’s one of the best self-defense systems.

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KC Concepcion Arnis Training for Palmolive TVC

I didn’t know KC Concepcion took Arnis training. I stumbled upon her video while doing my usual Internet research. She’s good! Check out her FMA training below:

I wonder how long she trained for the 30-second shampoo TV commercial. More importantly, if she continued her training. I highly doubt it. As far as I know, she does Plana Forma as part of her fitness routine.

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New Year’s Resolutions

Top 10 New Year

by abbyryandesign. Infographics by Visually.

“What’s your New Year’s resolution?” Oh my, such a cliché! I can almost picture various TV show hosts asking their unsuspecting guests this timely question. Déjà vu? Yeah, that’s because we’ve all been asked the same thing year after year.

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