Weapon Wednesday: The Kukris of Nepal

I’m krazy over kukri! One of the many reasons I visited Nepal was because of their national weapon, the kukri (also spelled as khukuri or kukuri). The Gurkhas (Nepalese soldiers) have been using these blades since the Gurkha war.

“If a man says he is not afraid of dying, he is either lying or is a Gurkha.”

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DMaX Karambit Neck Knife by Doug Marcaida

DMaX Karambit


I’m in love… ❤ with this karambit neck knife! What a precious piece of jewelry-weapon! Part of the DARK (Direct Action Response Knives) series, this DMaX karambit neck knife was designed by the karambit expert himself, Doug Marcaida. He collaborated with Max Venom to come up with this sweet sweet gem.

Watch the video below to find out more about DMax. It’s quite graphic, so proceed with caution:

More about using DMax:

Order it here: DMaX Karambit

Filipino Martial Arts: Use of Improvised Weapons

Improvised Weapons

Sadly, in spite of Filipino martial arts’ popularity in the West, many people still have this misconception that Arnis / Kali / Eskrima is all about two people whacking rattan sticks at each other. For the benefit of those un/misinformed, I’ll say it again—Kali or Arnis or Eskrima is much more than just stickfighting.

The stick is just a symbol of any potential weapon, which can be bladed or edged, blunt or impact weapons, and of course, improvised weapons. Umbrella, pen, handkerchief, magazine/book are just some of the many improvised weapons that you can utilize for self-defense. You can easily understand how to use everyday objects as weapons/tools by determining/recognizing their attributes.

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Filipino Martial Arts and Weaponry: Kara, the Karambit Training Knife

Remember my karambit training knife? Let’s call it ‘Kara’ for reference purposes. Not very creative, I know. Well, anyway, Kara recently had a total makeover! Yes, I’m talking as if it’s a living thing. No, I’m not crazy.

So today, in weapons fashion, here’s the new Kara in cobalt blue and mint green paracord with specks of midnight black and marigold yellow.

Kara the Karambit

Thanks to my fab and generous teammate, Bobby, for jazzing up my 1st karambit trainer. I super adore its new look! 😀

My First Karambit Training Knife

Karambit Training Knife

Karambit training knife

Just a quick post to show you my first ever (maybe the last) karambit training knife. I got this ravishing red karambit or kerambit from Master Virgil Cavada’s Applied Eskrima (Balintawak style) training last weekend. It’s made from stainless steel (at least, I think) and it’s lightweight. Cheap also at Php500 or around $12.

Sure, it’s not Doug Marcaida’s DART Knife, but I’m cool with that. This karambit training knife is conveniently placed beside my laptop and mouse. I flip it around in between working in front of my computer. I have other weapons (training and live) strategically located in my room. I’ll perhaps talk about them later.

Hailed from Indonesia, the karambit is arguably the deadliest knife in the whole wide world:

Speaking of Master Virgil Cavada, I’ll blog about his recently concluded Filipino martial arts seminar in Manila very soon. Stay tuned! Subscribe to my blog to keep posted. Here’s that post: Filipino Martial Arts Seminar in Manila: Master Virgil Cavada of Applied Eskrima (Balintawak Style).


Filipino Martial Arts Weapon: Doug Marcaida’s The DART Knife

One of my idols in Filipino Martial Arts, Doug Marcaida now designs edged weapons for FOX Knives Italy. The video below is part of what he calls the DARK (Direct Action Response Knives) series.

Can I just say, Yum?! The DART knife is so sexy cool. I like that it has a ring feature found in karambits. And it’s a straight blade not curved. It can also be used as an impact weapon when closed. Awesome! Watch below.

“A knife is only as good as its availability in the time of need.” – Doug Marcaida

UPDATE as of February 20, 2014:

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Street Weapons: What Can You/Should You Carry?

Top 3 things I learned from this video and I quote from Luke Holloway:

“Training with compliancy creates complacency, and that shit can get you killed.”

“It’s all about awareness and improvisational skills.”

“It doesn’t matter what you carry, it’s how you use it.”

Very well said! Amen.

Check out Luke’s blog post about Street Weapons for a more detailed explanation.